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The Blue Notebook journal for artists' books Vol 11, 1 & 2

The Blue Notebook journal for artists’ books Vol 11 Nos 1 & 2



The Blue Notebook journal for artists' books Vol 11 Nos 1 and 2. Publication dates: October 2016 and April 2017. This price is a subscription for both issues. Each issue will be sent on publication.


Detailed Description

Volume 11 No.1 Autumn – Winter 2016

In ‘Translating Travels’, Bergen-based, British artist Imi Maufe reflects on some of the inspirations for her artists’ books produced in response to travelling. Jeremy Dixon’s ‘A sense of humour, a sense of Cardiff, like - Geoautomusicalbiography in the books of Hazard Press’ explores the personal history of his artist’s book practice. In ‘The Gardens | Edinburgh and La Géométrie Pratique’, Jane Hyslop provides a brief introduction to the ethos within her work, the themes repeatedly explored and its context and then goes on to describe The Gardens | Edinburgh and La Géométrie Pratique. In ‘Making the Book to Discover the Subject’, Ken Botnick explains his meticulous project inspired by Denis Diderot’s Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers. Emma Bolland’s ‘Category Error / Category Terror’ questions the validity of attempting to define the category of ‘artist’s book’ through materiality and form. Drawing on ideas of aura as external construct, Lacanian psychoanalysis, and frame analysis, the article reframes the artist’s book as a mutable experience.


Artists’ pages by: Elizabeth Lebon (Switzerland) and Alex Simopoulos (Greece/UK). 

Cover, badge and sticker designs BOOK ISH NESS: Linda Williams.


Volume 11, No.2 Spring – Summer 2017

In ‘Damp-in-Ditchwater: A satirical staged narrative revealed through an artist’s book’, Dr Jackie Batey explores the balance of text and image in a multi-layered exploration of the absurdity of everyday life, and posits an alternative to the crude polemic in making criticisms of the role that industry plays in the life of the community. Omiros Panayides introduces us to contemporary artists’ publishing practice in Cyprus, through curating contributions from four local independent artists/publishers working with independently printed and published forms of speech and image.

In ‘Unconventional narratives’, Otto presents his personal alternatives to conventional narratives, as explored in his practice as book artist and illustrator, from his first book ‘Helping you back to work’ to recent experiments with format and content. Nancy Campbell interviews book artist Ken Campbell, discussing his new publication, ‘You all know the words’, and the signal works created during 40 years of artistic activity. Campbell recalls his wartime childhood in the East End of London and its influence on his way of seeing, and describes how his early books emerged in the punk culture of the 1970s as a synthesis of his interests in graphic design, fine art and poetry. Noëlle Griffiths reflects on her part in the RE-TAKE/RE-INVENT project featuring fifteen artists responding to the art collection at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Noëlle Griffiths selected a painting by John Hoyland to examine her own creative process making a series of paintings and related artists’ books.


Artists’ pages by: Marian Crawford, Daniel Lehan, Ton Martens, Philippa Wood.

Cover design: Tom Sowden


Volume 11 No.2 (Spring – Summer) published April 2017. The price includes both issues as hard copy (b&w) and colour PDFs, at £10 GBP including UK or international postage.