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Vol 16 1 & 2 Blue Notebook journal for artists' books




The Blue Notebook journal for artists' books Vol 16 Nos 1 and 2.

Publication dates: October 2021 and April 2022.

£10 including UK or international P&P.

Each of the two issues has 4-5 essays and artists’ pages. Each subscription includes an artist designed badge and stickers.


Detailed Description

The Blue Notebook Vol 16 No 1, autumn winter 2021 and No 2 spring summer 2022

Vol 16 No 1 is the second of two issues dedicated to The Arts Libraries Society Australia and New Zealand (Arlis/ANZ) & abbe 2020 conference presentations on artists’ books practices.

Dr Tim Mosely introduces the Arlis/ANZ abbe 2020 collaboration: reimagining the material: artists’ books, printed matter, digital transformation, engagement.

Darren Bryant works within the field of printmaking and artists' books. His article aims to share insights into his current studio research and to initiate discussion around contemporary manifestations of printmaking and the merging of old and new print technologies.

Annique Goldenberg presents a life story about the composition and material environments of a book, its conception, genetic make-up, birth, ongoing evolution, and descendants. It proposes the idea that an artist book is more than just its title, its physical appearance, and conceptual underpinning. It argues that an artist book has the capacity to materially contain and emanate/engender a complete physical environment that is embodied and adaptively changed through successive stages in its development.

Clyde McGill - Space occurs as a flux in three ways for me as an artist: as imaginings, as material, as creative. Libraries are an enveloping example of this space. This essay explores four related artists' books and their use of how I consider conventional library space; how I approach a sacred site of aboriginal art as a witness to degradation by mining; thirdly, a geographic and temporal border of Broadway as a passage through New York City over a one year transit to draw, photograph and perform along the way; and lastly, library methods of organisation subverted to visual.

In ‘texturing artist’s book discourse’, Tim Mosely reaffirms the critical roles that artist's book practice and haptic aesthetics play in advancing artist's book discourse to the level of a critical field.

Michael Phillips discusses his thoughts and some recent works regarding the role of the autographic and materiality in prints. He examines how the micro haptics of the (post-digital) print may re-balance and contribute to an understanding of what Laura Marks identifies as ‘a cultural dissatisfaction with the limits of [optical] visuality’.

Artists' pages: Ben Jenner - intro page, poet Sarah Hemings - end page. Special thanks to poet GS for the cover, badge and sticker designs for this issue.


The Blue Notebook Vol 16 No 2, Spring - Summer 2022

In My “Heroic Frenzies”, Ulrike Stoltz reflects on the typography in an artist’s book, inspired by and dedicated to Giordano Bruno: Caro Giordano. Resonanzen & Gestrüpp/risonanze e fratte. The book was made in 2021 - awarded funding for the project by the Künstlerbuchpreis/Artist’s book prize Wolfenbüttel 2020.

In People and books. Am I reimagining something? Anna Juchnowicz presents two different but related recent book projects. Both books explore intimist literature as inspiration. Intimist literature includes all types of personal writing, correspondence, diaries, notebooks, etc. and is the subject matter of the artist's recent research.

Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Steingruber’s Architectural Alphabet, Robert Bolick asks: What is it about artist books and architecture that they intersect so often? Architectural interiors and exteriors, ideas, themes, styles, landmark dwellings and edifices have found their metaphorical expression and embodiment in book art with such regularity that they make up a genre within the genre.

On the eve of a retrospective exhibition (April - June 2022) at The Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol, UK, founder Craig Atkinson writes about the history of Café Royal Books. Café Royal Books – est. 2005 – publish utilitarian, affordable and accessible zines, highlighting and preserving post war documentary photography that has links to Britain and Ireland.

Artist contributors: Catherine Beaugrand - intro page, Eva Hejdström - end page.  Cover design: Lizzie Smith

The £10 subscription price is for both issues, badge and stickers and includes delivery.